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August 8, 2011

Molly Saves in the Closet
The August Molly’s Digest is out and it is all about “the closet”.  Perfect timing as usual, since I am in the midst of organizing items that have gotten out of hand; items to put in my kids portfolios, purging smaller sized clothes for my boys and replenishing them with “hand-me-downs” or determining what I need to buy, purging clutter that has seemed to collect and is causing us to be unproductive and a little stressed. 
In this issue, there are so many great ideas to help you organize, repurpose old items into something new, and get your closets in order.  When I saw the office that Eleanor Joyce created in a closet, I was amazed!  It was well organized and everything fit into a small space.   Molly gives great advice for how we can keep our closets uncluttered and provides links to items that help with many areas that have an impact on our closets.  She covers areas of contentment all the way to the places to shop for clothes. 
Love the Meal of the Month for August, because Kerry Ann shares how to make your own taco seasoning.  This is great for our family, because we can’t purchase the packets because of special dietary restrictions, besides they are really expensive.  I am also going to try and convert the vanilla pudding recipe to meet my son’s special dietary restrictions. 
It is a great resource for only 3.95 a month!
* I was provided the Molly Money Saving Digest in exchange for my personal and honest review. 

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