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April 5, 2011

Fun with phonics

This is actually a "delight" from my day yesterday that I wanted to share, because it might give some other homeschooling Mom encouragement to try something that is "out of the box". 

Yesterday, my 5 year old son came out with paper and his big box of foam letters he got from his Aunt Sandy a while ago.  Excitedly, I said to him "Are you going to make words with your stickers?" 

He stopped and looked at me and then smiled and said "O.K.". 

I replied "That sounds like so much fun!"

I proceeded to ask him what word he wanted to make, and he told me BAT.  So I sounded out each letter and he found it and put them in order on his page.  He was so excited, and I was surprised to see him come up with words I didn't know he even knew how to spell.  The last word that he came up with was BUN.  I asked him what a bun was.  He said "You know.. that you have with hot dogs".  I had to laugh, because he doesn't eat hot dog buns, because he can't have gluten, dairy or soy.  (I know I could buy him some or make them, but I don't because he is happy eating his hot dogs plain)

Learning can be fun and doesn't have to come from a book, especially at this precious age.  I have been so blessed lately to see how the Lord has given me ideas on the spur of the moment for a learning  experience.  I am a rule follower, and a "by the book" type of person, and I want to "make sure my child is learning what he is supposed to".   However, what I have noticed is that as I step back from "what I think school should be", and sometimes just work with my child on the spur of the moment with something he is interested in, it is more enjoyable for both of us and certainly less stressful.  I am making more of a point to "enjoy" teaching my kids, and I am!  Who says that putting foam stickers on a page is not as good as filling out a worksheet in a professional approved workbook, I think it just might be better. 

I do love crafts, and this son loves them too!  I can't wait to teach him more, who knows what we will be doing next! HAPPY HOMESCHOOLING!


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Good for your mama! I'm a public school teacher and you are right... it's just as good, if not better and more fun. I'd do it too if I had the supplies for all of my class.

Stopping by from UBP. Here's my post: http://www.singlemominthesouth.com/2011/04/im-late-for-party.html

Susan said...

Oh, how this post makes my mama heart smile. Indeed, this learning journey can be one of joy! He will remember the warmth of those little moments long after he remembers which words he put on the page. So glad to meet you. Many thanks for your sweet words this morning. Blessings to your family!