"Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, it there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy meditate on these things." Phil 4:8

April 27, 2011

Review:”The Curiosity Files:Quicksand”

Are you looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer?  Do you wish you could keep them learning and having fun at the same time?  Well The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC has a great unit study that would be a great way to meet both of those needs. 
They have a series of e-unit studies called The Curiosity Files. I had the privilege to review the unit study on “Quicksand”.

I was excited to try it out, because I love to do unit studies, and we haven’t done one in a while.  When I introduced it to my 6th grader, he was interested to find out what it was all about.  He read the introduction and thought it was so funny that the unit study was written by “Professor Ana Lyze”.  I have to admit, I thought that was funny too.
This e-book is packed with information, and activities that can be incorporated into any day, and provide a lot of fun in the process.  Some of the great information and activities included are:
  • What quicksand is, myths about it, steps on how to escape from it.
  • Bible lessons
  • Math Activities: various levels
  • Writing: process of writing an essay on quicksand, and a fun word game
  • Spelling and Vocabulary for all grade levels.
  • Word searches, Crosswords, and "Just for fun" section.
  • Copywork: scriptures to write (printing and cursive) practising handwriting skills
  • Labs
  • Activities: Quicksand Goo, Edible Quicksand, Coloring pages, and more.
I think The Curiosity files are great for any family with children.  While the study is geared for ages 8-13, I have to say that my 5 year old had a blast with the “Quicksand Goo” activity on page 60.

I love to be able to incorporate all subjects of learning when studying a topic, and unit studies are the way to go about it.  I wasn’t too crazy about all the ink used to print it out (the borders are solid green and it has gorgeous pictures), but we worked it out, only printing what we needed at a time. The Curiosity Files e-Unit Studies are great because they have it all laid out for you so you can dig in, learn and have some fun right away.   

I also believe that even children as young as 4 would benefit and be able to understand the bible lesson comparing quicksand to temptation and sin.  What a great word picture this is to study about quicksand and
how it can pull you down just as sin can.

The Curiosity Files currently have 9 different topics to choose from at $6.95 each.  There are several topics that are available now in the Homeschool Dollar Store at The Old School house Store webpage.  You can also purchase a bundle of 9 for $46 which equals out to be a little over $5  for each unit study. 
You need to check it out!  I know you and your family will have fun with The Curiosity Files : Quicksand We plan on working on more of the activities and enjoying our time learning together.  Have a fun and “curious” summer!

*I was given a copy of The Curiosity Files:Quicksand to use and give an honest review.

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Dawnmarie said...

The Homeschool Dollar Store. Who knew? Well, I suppose people did. LOL.