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December 10, 2011

Molly Saves! In the Powder Room

Who would have thought that you could write a whole issue of Molly Saves with the main emphasis as the "powder room" (aka the bathroom, restroom, water closet...).  Well, Molly does and it is full of some great "how to's", DIY's, tips and tricks and much more. 

This issue has checklists for cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom, recipes for making your own cleaning supplies, frugal ways to beautify your bathroom, and so much more.  There is a great DIY project idea that Eleanor Joyce shares with us about how she took an old dresser and made it into a place of beauty and of storage. She also shows how to transform a ordinary bar of soap into a beautiful gift.  Christmas is just a few weeks away, and these would be a great gift to make up and give to your mother, girlfriend or your children's teachers.

This is the time of year when everyone is getting colds and flu, so pull those turkey bones out of the freezer from Thanksgiving and make some Turkey Stock. Molly takes you step by step through the process, and it is not hard at all, but it is so much better than anything that you can get in a can or box.  If you don't need it now, freeze it and save it for that day when you are feeling a bit "under the weather".

Now, my favorite part of this issue is the article on "Stop Spending on Children's toys", it has GREAT ideas (I am a mom, I know a good idea when I see one).  There ideas from watercolor paints to marshmallow shooters.  They are brilliant ideas!  You can put them together fairly quickly and at a very low cost.  Just think you can avoid the mall or superstores and enjoy making something for your child, grandchild or neighbor in the comfort of your own home.  So click on over here and get your December issues of Molly Saves in the Powder Room or leave me a comment by Sunday, Dec 11,2011 with one way that you save in the powder room, and I will be giving away a copy of this issue on Monday December 12.  Merry Christmas!

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