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October 9, 2011

Review: Molly Saves in the Dining Room

Is it really October already? Where has the time gone?  Our lives are busy, busy, busy and it seems like this year has flown by so fast.  As I read this month’s Molly Money Saving Digest about saving in the Dining Room, it has caused me to stop and reflect on what is going on in our life.  It was interesting timing for me to get this digest this month, because we have been unable to eat dinner together as a family due to my husband’s work schedule this last month.  It is something that I have always tried to make happen at all costs. 
This digest was extra special to me, because it contains an article on Allergy- Friendly Entertaining.  As a family that has food allergies, any event that is accompanied by food is a challenge.  The article is great in offering cooking suggests, but it more importantly deals with the issue of how to approach entertaining in a polite and helpful manner, so as to accommodate your friends and family who have special food allergies.  I found the information excellent, for those who have food allergies and those who desire to have others over who may have food allergies.  It is a great Allergy Entertaining 101!
Are your kids eating you out of house and home?  Have them do the lesson on Food Finances in the Tightwad Training Camp section of the digest. (Have I ever said how much I LOVE this section of Molly’s Digests?  Oh, just about every month!) It is a great lesson to train kids in the art and skill of shopping and help them understand the cost of the items that they seem to want to slip in the cart when Mom isn’t looking.  Don’t they know we have eyes in the back of our head?  This section has not disappointed me yet, and I am a strong supporter of helping our kids gain life skills early and understand how to manage money in this age of entitlement.
The Dining Room is so much more than just the place we gather to nourish ourselves physically as I read in the article on Inspiration!, I was challenged to bring the Bible to the dinner table.  This is one tradition that I intend to try at our home.  We have struggled lately with our kids, goofing off a lot at the dinner table and I think this will keep their mind engaged in a life changing way as they are nourishing their bodies.
Eating a meal together is so important to the family unit and I encourage anyone reading this blog to reflect on what you can do to make this happen at your house.  It doesn’t have to be dinner, it could be breakfast.  Whatever you do, make time to break bread together each day with your family!
I encourage you to try out a Molly Membership today and begin learning money saving strategies for your family.  This month I am giving away a free copy of Molly Saves in the Dining Room.  Please leave a comment below on why you are interested in this free issue, and I will do a random drawing on October 20th the old fashioned way (putting the names in a hat and drawing one out). 

* I was provided the Molly Money Saving Digest in exchange for my personal and honest review.

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